Tuesday, June 3, 2014

SleepBelt Review

What is a SleepBelt you ask?
A SleepBelt is a hands free skin-to-skin support system, SleepBelt allows baby to sleep soundly on mom or dad’s chest while giving parents their hands back to read, use a tablet, or their smart phone; it literally belts your sleeping baby to you!  With a new baby, breaks are important... Make the most of them.

How is it different from baby carriers?
The SleepBelt’s simple design facilitates the smooth transfer of a sleeping baby from your chest to its crib.  With no shoulder straps to wriggle out of, you simply stretch and pull the SleepBelt off of your baby.  Moms know… you don’t want to wake a sleeping baby!  Easy and quick to get on, it also ensures baby stays snuggled in their most comfortable position (knees tucked or froggy), has no buckles, knots or clips to dig into mom or dad, and can double as a belly binder in a pinch!

SleepBelt comes in three colors, aqua blue, hot pink and basic black. It also comes in three sizes, so it's sure to fit everyone. 

The folks over at SleepBelt were nice enough to send our founder (and new mama) one to try. 
Here's what she thought of it.

I like that it is very convenient. It allowed me to do so much after my child fell asleep on my chest. It gives the baby a sense of security from the constant snug hold. There is an easy storage bag and it’s quick and easy to put on. 

Here it is on my husband. 

What I didn't like is that use must be premeditated, because it is impossible to put on once your child is asleep. Also, with a weight limit of 15 lbs, for $60, I would be more interested if it used a material that could stand longer use. For the price, I would also expect the Velcro to be stronger. Lastly, if you don’t exactly line up the Velcro you’re sure to irritate your skin.

Overall, I loved the SleepBelt and would definately reccomend it to new Moms.

If you'd like to grab one of these handy wraps for yourself (or a friend), head over to SleepBelt now!

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