Sunday, May 25, 2014

Freshly Picked Review

Freshly Picked recently sent over a pair of their 100% leather baby moccasins for us to review and I was pretty excited as I had watched them on Shark Tank. You can watch the whole episode here

I had high hopes, although I was a bit skeptic about how well they would work for our son. He seems to find a way to get out of everything we put on his feet and then either eats it till it is soggy or throws it when I am not looking. You would not believe how many mismatched socks we have because of this.

Also, the fact that his foot is shaped like a rectangle Lego doesn't help. I know you're probably laughing, but seriously, his foot is as tall as it is wide. Now that you have a funny image of my little man with Legos feet, you can probably understand why it's nearly impossible for us to find shoes that fit him. I honestly thought that there were no products out there that could be of use. 

When Freshly Picked offered to do a review I was more than happy to agree, hoping this was the solution. We picked out the Sand Suede and went up a size, since his toes were touching the line "3" on their size chart. On the plus side, as you can see on the chart, he has plenty of room to grow in to. Due to this however, I think it is why he is able to get them off sometimes. Although, it does take him longer to achieve compared to just socks, so I actually have a chance at catching him in the act.

As far as the quality of the shoes, I love the fabric that they are made of. They come in so many different textures and colors, your little one could have a pair for every outfit! They even have limited edition ones. The one thing my husband did not fall in love with was the elastic. He feels that it is a little weak. He says that the way it is attached, he feels like it is going to snap every time he puts them on. I do not have a problem with it, so maybe he is just too strong for his own good. Any He-Man fans? :)

These moccasins did exceed my expectations. They hold up well to constant tugging and drool, when he is able to get them off, and (according to my husband) look very snazzy. It’s been a couple of weeks now and I don’t have to worry about dealing with the soggy or lost sock dilemma anymore. We put these on and do not have to worry about bare feet. Yay!

If you'd like to check out their awesome selection and pick up a pair (or two) for your little one, head over to Freshly Picked now!

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