Sunday, February 2, 2014

Tips For Low Milk Supply

Lactation Cookies

Herbal Supplements
Blessed Thistle
Red Clover
Brewer’s Yeast
More Milk Tea/Plus
Steel Cut or Rolled Oats (not the instant kind)
Motherlove More Milk Special Blend (can be purschased from Amazon or most health food stores)
Marshmallow Roots (works even better when combined with Fenugreek)
Chia Seeds (although will not directly increase your supply, it helps you stay hydrated)


Drink plenty of water each day to stay hydrated
Do not use pump as an indicator of supply issues, as long as baby is acting normal and has enough wet diapers, your supply is okay
massage breast before and during pumping to help production
Keep a picture of your little one close by while pumping to help trigger let downs
Milk is made on a supply and demand basis, try to nurse baby often and pump as much as possible.
Throw in a few power pumping sessions each day. Pump every 30-60 minutes several times a day and try to do this a couple times a week.
Do not supplement until you have exhausted all options, supplementing can be extremely detrimental to your supply.

*If you must supplement, use a SNS so that baby still recieves needed milk and you continue to get the stimulaition needed to help your supply. If you are unable to purchase a SNS you can make one by following the directions on this videoThis video also shows how to nurse while using a SNS.

*Also, please consider using donor milk instead of formula to supplement so that baby is still recieveing all the benefits of breastmilk. Check out our note about donating breastmilk to find out more information and where to recieve milk.

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