Monday, December 29, 2014

Kids Craft: DIY Latch Board

I've been seeing latch board tutorials all over pinterest lately, so I decided to give it a try. I just headed up to Menard's and picked out a few door latches, hooks, a handle and some washers. I also picked up a small can of yellow paint and a round board.  For everything it was about $30.

First I painted both sides of the board. I also saw on pinterest to use push pins to hold it off the table when painting so it doesn't stick. Worked great! 

Once it was all dry I laid out my parts to figure out where I wanted them so they wouldn't touch each other and worked best. Then I waited for Mike to get home so he could assemble it. I probably could of done this part myself, but I wanted him to help out too.

 He played with it for a few minutes and that was about it. Marley played with it too, but in the end Mason picked up his cars and went on his way. Maybe he'll play with it more when he's a little bit older.

*This post was written by Melanie. She's a mom to two and a full time blogger at Growing to Four *

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