Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Tabooed Nipple

This is from our admin Tom. We sure do love having a male perspective on these things.

I write this one morning several weeks ago as a response to people who, despite living in a world where we are constantly bombarded with images of negativity that include violence, intolerance, hatred, terrorism etc..., act like seeing a nipple when a mother is breastfeeding is the worst thing they could possibly see. This is by no means intended to offend people who believe in being modest or being discreet. Even despite the best efforts to achieve those things a brief sighting still happens from time to time. This is for those who choose to let it destroy their day.

The Tabooed Nipple

Why are nipples so taboo,
and why are they a threat to you?

What will happen if you see,
those tiny bits of nubbery?

Will your eyes fall from your head, and can a glimpse just drop you dead?

Won't you somehow make it through, if by chance one peeks at you?

I've never known a tragedy,
of one who's glimpsed the nubbery.

I've seen them from my boyhood days, and never suffered from the gaze.

They're just two fleshy nubs of skin, to look on them is not a sin.

All humans have them yes we do, so why are female's so taboo?

While nursing babies they may show, instead of fuming let it go!

We overplay the nipple slip,
I think it's time we got a grip!

I think it's time society,
addressed this dumb mentality.

I think it's time we laid to rest,
the tabooed nipple and the breast!

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  1. Lol, I was expecting a serious post with that intro!